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Learn Blender with us!



congratulations :fireworks:


RGB Drip.


Let me just say that I value your self drive and initiative to learn blender. In particular practically demonstrating your acquired knowledge to others with these renders.

That’s something you can feel proud about.
Keep at it and maybe build a portfolio :smiley:


Thanks. Learning Blender is the first thing in a while that I’ve done that I feel proud about.

Where should I build a portfolio? I’ve seen some people use deviantart?


Ok. This will be my wallpaper. Could it be done in a 21:9 aspect, more specific 3440x1440?


Not without a re-render, which takes about 14 hours on my PC at high resolutions.

I can give you a 4k version, though.

I’ll get an ultrawide version as soon as I have some spare time for it.


The platform is not too important.
Mainly it’s about having a portfolio of work you can show to others.

You can use deviantart, behance, google blogs, github pages, a personal blog, even a blog thread on this forum.


Thank you I will wait for it. Also just one thing I noticed on the 4K image. It’s fairly low quality “700KB” and there are some blocks/artifacts in the mountains.


This might be due to jpeg artifacts when exporting. Either from photoshop post work, or from blender.

@Phantom to what format do you usually render? TIFF/PNG/EXR?


LOL I sometimes use blender for Text processing, get on my level!


It’s posted to imgur, it was near 10MB. Make sure you’re downloading the image and not a thumbnail, perhaps?



imgur fucked it. heres the full image


OK a quick guide for formats:
Blender ALWAYS renders 32 bit Multilayer EXR. it’s jsut the format it uses internally, because you can have 32 Bits, wich you need for a scene referred workflow*. And also you can store as much Layers as you want with as much channels as you want so that’s great for everything.
And if you want to process your raw render data somewhere else (e.g. NUKE), exr is the way to go.
The issue is: Image Size.
So if you want to export your Images somewhere, you probably want to use png or jpg. PNG can have alpha, but Jpg usually takes less space with similar quality. You just get these pesky artefacts, so artists tend to use PNGs for Portfolio stuff and textures.
.tif is another Multilyer format, but it’s usually only used for exporting to photoshop and printing.

Screen Referred VS Scene Reffered:
Screen refered: Your Color Values go from 0 to 255 and you only care about the Colors a 8 Bit/channel Display can show.
However: in the real world, there is much more dynamic range. If you take a piucture of a really bright blue light it will be processed as RGB(255|255|255) despite it clearly being an oversaturated blue. Also: screen referred workflows use a non-linear color space … that means multiplying an images pixels by two won’t do the same as exposing it twice as long.

This approach however is really bad for rendering and compositing in general and causes a lot of color data to be lost or distorted.
That’s why there is Scene refered workflow. It uses 0 and 1 as the screens brightness boundaries and also everything else is inbetween (as you might imagine it ueses a 16 or 32bit float instead of a 8 bit integer for calculation) But if you have a bright Light in your scene, you can actually have values of … idk RGB(0|0.5|20) … and in this case, the blue is still overexposed, if you display it, but the data is lost. So if you add a blur for example you can still see a blue outline … and that’s something, you’d have lost in the screen referred workflow.
Also the whole linear Colorr Space makes Brightness control and just overall compositing a lot easyer, since it’s closer to how reality works.


I’m so glad that even big production companies have the same problems I do with hair and clothing.


Gotta have that RGB. Only took 24 hours to render out.


Watch a master at work. See what software he uses. This guy is brilliant. I watch all his videos. I need to get into sculpting, but I will not have this kind of artistic touch.


as long as zbrush doesn’t completely revamp their interface, blender might finally become a real contender in that arena


wip of a logo for an animation I won’t be able to show here


lol I just spent an hour wondering why my spec maps weren’t working only to find I had the wrong object selected for the vector input. probably a good tip for newcomers: always check the object vector source


what are you running blender on that takes that long to render