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*Looks at Amazon prices… *

That’s not a bad idea.


make sure to get a displaycal compatible model

if you have a B&H near you then you can do it same day, too.


Sadly, I do not. I live in central British Columbia, Canada. But B&H does have free shipping over $100USD to Canada.


Mostly off topic, but who needs Blender when you can write your own ray tracer:

WIP as fuck, shading is badly implemented Lambertian, gamma correction seems off. and I can’t even do triangles yet only spheres and infinite planes.


is this some sort of generative graphics js framework



Made with pride in pure C11 from scratch.


thats the joke yeah

have fun rechipping the wheel from sandstone fam


no joke love doing that


12 hours down and almost all of the noise is gone. Woot.


I love Blender. But its render times turn me off. I only use it for the meshes only. 2.8 will help, but it will still lag behind others.

Blender is a great start, but I would advise using another program to do everything beyond mesh. If free turns you on UE4 is a great alternative. Import low poly meshes and let the textures do the heavy lifting.

Real time raytracing is coming to UE. If you are time limited, best to learn UE4 and basic modeling in Blender.

That is just my 2 cents, YMMV…

I used to use roughly 8 programs for 3D. I have narrowed it down to four. Now that DR includes Fusion 9, I guess you can say 3. It is not just because they are free, cause when DR15 is final I will buy it. I do not care for subscriptions. The other programs available are are too expensive like Nuke and there free version is so limited.


render times aren’t really a problem for me. I do low quality renders while testing, then when I get everything set up, I let it progressively render overnight/while I’m at work.

For animations I’ll use sheepit or another render farm.


Just keep practising with blender until Eevee is ready (Blender 2.8 later this year).
Then you’ll have realtime rendering feature parity with UE4 pretty much.

With all the editing flexibility of Blender.



The mist layer for my project looks pretty cool on its own.


Finished piece. Finalized in Photoshop.


Ok. So a free program that renders in real time does not appeal to you? You would rather pay to render or render over night?

I am not telling you what to do or be an asshat. I hope I do not come across that way. Just listing your options that can have massive benefit. Roosendaal has already said 2.8 will not compete directly with UE4.


UE4 is great and all but the render quality can’t compete with a pathtracer. Most of the effects that drive up render times are unsupported by UE4 or very rough approximations.

The gap between online and offline renderers is closing, but the difference is still very visible for now.


It’s just something that doesn’t bother me too much, and for animations, sheepit is free.

I’m just now starting to learn blender, and I don’t want to have too much on my plate at once. I’m sure I will dabble in a game engine at some point, but for now I just wanna focus on blender, is all.


I use some lighting cheats to help compensate. Also any compression take away from that.

Real time ray tracing is coming to UE which will change that. I just hope it is not limited to nvidia RTX though or I to will reevaluate options.

There is a list of things that are limited in UE4, like only PNG quality. To me it is always time though, which always takes me back to UE4.

Shadowing in Blender is terrible though. I hope 2.8 changes that.

That right there makes perfect sense.

Once you learn one program, it is not a huge leap to learn another.


Ray tracing will help with reflections, but not add caustics, true refraction, indirect lighting or anything of the sort.

PNG is lossless, unless you are referring to high bitdepth.

Can you go into more detail? Cycles uses path tracing which produces physically correct shadows.


A family member works at a large lighting company in my area. They use 3d modelling to fit lighting into commercial buildings and find the best layout.

They’re expanding in a couple months and I’ve just been offered a job doing the modelling.