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Here’s a super quick and dirty base model from that plugin, with a stock mocap file added. Just for testing.


If you want to get really weird or fancy :smiley:


Finally got some clothing to actually agree with my Rig. That was a mess, and took way too long to get right. Now I just need some half-decent clothing.


where’s the link to your patreon hentai? /s

Did you model it all by yourself? That looks very good.


The model is from that plugin I mentioned before, the shorts were modeled by me, and the top is a modified CC0 model. Just some basic stuff just to get this working before I get some better looking clothing/materials


not safe film maker


Really early version of the scene I’m working on. Clothes are meh. Kind of discouraging getting new clothing to fit properly, but should be easier the more I do it.

Thank you BlenderGuru.


Rendering out a 4k version of this one. Have some post processing to do, but it’s getting there.


I generally use Blender as my primary video editor. I have actually never touched the modeling editor in the program. But I may take up this challenge as it might be a great way to learn how to learn how to make some visual effects for video editing.

I have also been making my own traditional styled animation in my free time. This might be good for leaning how to incorporate CG models into 2D animation.



I use Linux, and there really aren’t too many options to choose from when it comes to NLE’s. Sure there is KdenLive, which I have heard is nice. But I grew too accustom to the NLE in Blender. I find that the Blender video editor is nice and stable and it is quite flexible.

I’ve had very little experience with the actual modeling program in Blender. But it would make a powerful composition and effects editor if I did take some time to learn it. Especially with the large amount of plug-ins available.


There’s Lightworks and Resolve, man, why torture yourself?

blender’s editing UX is awful unless you’re using it for short sequence compositing

what now?


Are you using any scripts to use all your threads? Coz Blender’s NLE is single-thread. I was using some script that divided .blend with movie into chunks, then started multiple blender processes that processed those chunks. Then it used ffmpeg to stich them together. Kdenlive has multi-threaded renderer, so all that work is no longer needed.


(so does lightworks and resolve, and they’re actual openfx hosts)


no idea what is that. Not an editor or something.


openfx is the industry standard graphics plugin format. Basically every extension worth having uses it. (kinda like VSTs with audio)

natron, nuke, resolve, lightworks, flame, etc all use it.




I heard of @nuke, that’s it.


I must be a masochist or something… because the UX isn’t an issue with me in Blender. I have tried using lightworks, but I didn’t like that I had to sign into an account to use it. But I will give Devinci Resolve a try.

I made that typo twice. Not sure why I called Blander Gimp.


Don’t mind me, just exterminating some fireflies. Tactical nukes should work.


flame is autodesk’s version of nuke, natron is the OSS version of nuke.

I think fusion is an ofx host too actually.

those are just the ones available on linux

i wanna say smoke, lustre, maya and cinema4d also support OFX