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maybe use a different sss/displacement map on the tiles, that one repeats noticeably and is mapped in line with the tiles


I made it to the 4th video, then I realized I am using the most current version of blender. Where they apparently changed how the shaders work. Im debating reinstalling the older version.


Are you in cycles?


Im working on the doughnut project. What do you mean by the cycles?


don’t do this

if you’re on blender guru he re-did all the old bl render based ones, just use the newer version of the videos


Do you have a link to the newer videos? I have blender 2.79 and in the videos he uses 2.78.


that version change wont make a difference. At the top of the screen, change your renderer to “cycles render”



2.79 didn’t change anything major from 2.78


Thanks my problem was that I was using the incorrect engine.


I feel like whenever I render the original lamps aren’t bright enough for my models. Do you gents have any suggestions?


make a plane, set the material to emissive, use a color on this chart for natural looking light:


adjust the strength of the emission to change the amount of light

you should probably also install and use filmic blender, and set it to log encoding base instead of screen referenced color


Turn up the strength of them in their properties.

Also, use the “Blackbody” node, it can let you select color temperatures.

Use the chart and pick out which type of light you’re going for


haha I just realized the temp chart I posted has alpha so you can’t see the labels

I still don’t recommend using the old lamps though, cycles makes way more noise with point lighting than with a source that has area





you da real mvp

note that that scale uses the actual hex values, so you can eye drop it and get the actual temp you want (in a log encoding base)


took more time to upload then to remove the alpha layer XD


You guys have been really helpful although im still not sure exactly what im supposed to do with the images your posting. also im including my first render to show progress.


He addresses it later, just keep going.


This is my feedback as well.


I noticed that after I rendered, I’ll fix that up, thanks.

I also found a free, opensource tool for character creation. I believe I will be heavily using this.