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ayy finally movin up in the world






Any tips and tricks on Blender? I am working on a side project, making a game within Unity (civ-total war mashup, thing) and I need to make good looking models for units, that are low-poly, to not bog down the Renderer.


if you’re doing realtime stuff, make sure your topo uses tris, and you might want to use an external tool like surface designer to do tekxture work in


It’s not real time, per say. I would never be able to compete, or create for that matter, with a battle system similar to Total War. One guy with not a lot of time, not a whole team with years to develop.

Instead, it’s a civilization overview style map, with lots of complex internal and external features (including a large amount of system management, if you choose not to automate, of course).

The battles, however, instead of like something like civ, throw you into a turn-based style of battle close to what Sid Meiers Starships does, except on a larger scale.

So the units don’t need to be quite as optimized (as instead of 10K there should only like 1-2K)


realtime rendering, not combat

game engines use realtime rendering


Honestly, I have no idea. I’d assume so? I have never worked on a game until this project, or even c# for that matter, and had to learn unity for it. It’s going 4 - 5 months strong now? Lots of progress and I’m really excited, but as far as things like real-time rendering, I’m completely clueless.


it wasn’t a question. by definition games have to be rendered at runtime


Hm, mk. You asked if I was doing real-time stuff, so I had assumed it was. My bad.


I didn’t ask, though, I said if you are, it was rhetorical


If you have a ton of the exact same item (trees, bushes, platforms, etc.) Copy them with Ctrl+D instead of Shift+D.

Shift D makes a new item entirely with all of the same properties, increasing the information you have to render.

Ctrl D references the original, but doesn’t copy it, so it will cut down resources.


Bunch of damn Trekkies in this forum, those LightSaber pics deserve 1,000x more likes :grin:

Without turning into a distrowar flame nonsense, I’d like to know what you guys are running these on and how long it takes to render your stuff.


I gotta say this really took off. @Phantom, you’re progress is really impressive.

I got sidetracked with writing scripts for Photoshop (ugh), but the next time I have to reskin a bottle at work, I’ll probably be back in some blender tutorials.


centos, (you can’t install BMD or nuke on anything else and expect to get support)

render times are good with stacked rendering on a 6700 and a 1070


There’s also a snap for blender if you just want to check it out.


there’s also a precompiled tar file, and that option isn’t an unholy abortion


He talks about it here. He says it’s okay coz otherwise you’d spend 3x time if not more modelling all the little stuff.


Went for a darker theme on this one. Critiques welcome.