LEAP 42.1 Discussion thread

So Ive upgraded to OPensuse leap. It is really nice. I was surprised how fluid the install was and the stability of the update. Like usually ive never seen linux do a successful self contained update without issues. Im really happy on the update. Plasma 5 is pretty fricken amazing.

Also the install is amazing. from start to end Like i really didnt expect it to be that polished. That and the online update interface is extremely nice

@Quixotic_Autocrat You got any opinions on it?

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I think Novell (?) nailed it. Best distro there is in my opinion. It's essentially a better RPM version of Debian. It's rock solid, modern, and definitely an upgrade over previous releases. I love Plasmas implementation and I don't think there's a DE that could replace it.

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Despite LEAP supporting all desktops I would love it if they would heavily favor KDE just like fedora does with gnome. Opensuse in my opinion is my favorite. It will likely stay that way because upgrading the kernel is extremely easy and KVM has a gui. Like you know this distro is more prosumer then consumer just saying. I wish my uni would move from fedora to suse. It would be so nice for the kids learning linux.

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Pretty nice only thing I don't like is that Plasma forgets my monitor arrangement. And don't for the love of god don't allow Plasma and Catalyst fight over desktop arrangement. It will end badly.

I was drunk when I installed it and the partition toll decided to do and extended partition with UEFI compatibility on the extended partition. Was not good.

Upgrade was super easy on the laptop though

But I really like it overall pretty damn stable. I haven't put it on my server yet so we will see how it deals with 24/7 use.

I love the packaging of that one dudes AMD drivers. That and I always give Plasma control over its desktop. It seems to really handle it well

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Yeah I learned that the hard way

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LOL I learn everything the hard way

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Sebastian Siebert is the guy who works his AMD magic. The Geeko drivers are good as well.

Something I just thought of; to properly utilize Crimson won't we need 4.2 on Leap? Just an afterthought

the geeko drivers always mess up my system IDK why

I'm a little late to the game here...But...would anybody who's running OpenSUSE Leap be interested in posting a tutorial covering install, hardware passthrough, and any problems installing Steam? I've been using Ubuntu since moving to Linux but am really interested in OpenSUSE.

I think there is a user here @Quixotic_Autocrat that may be able to provide such things for you. he is more knowledgeable about it than I am. (Hardware Passthrough KVM)

Steam is a just a couple of button presses.

NVIDIA drivers are in the repos cAMD opensource drivers are in the Kernel and the closed source just need to add a repo

I am experimenting with some KVM stuff at the moment comparing VFIO to PCI stub so it will be a little be before I can definitively do that.

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4.1 is a LTS kernel it will be backported.

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Awesome, this is great to hear. I'm gonna go ahead and get started then.

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I may write up a "how to use zypper" tutorial.. seems it was desired in the apt thread

Yes its highly desired.
Also pacman and or yum eventualy.

By the way,
Do you know if there is allready a bug fix for the crashing KDE 5 plasma desktop in Virtualbox with LEAP 42.1?

LOL pacman find an arch user because well.. This is my response to pacman

YUM sure its easy lol.. basically like apt..

As for a bug fix to the crashing KDE5 desktop. Youd have to describe more about whats happening and what situations recreate it and I might be able to provide insight. It could be related to wayland and the virtualized Gl drivers

i assume that the issue is related to the new kde plasma 5 desktop.
And not realy related to open suse it self.
Still i stamped on the issue yesterday, wenn i made a new VM.

What happens, wenn you install LEAP 42.1 KDE in VB, it boots up normaly.
But the kde desktop crashes right after the login event.
So the whole startmenu bar etc crashes and dissapears.