League of Legends?

Does anyone play? A few of my IRL friends play. I'm about to download it. It's apparently a free game. Is there a monthly fee?

No it's free, it's essentially dota for newbs.

Add me : h8net

I have the game, but I haven't played it in a really long time. It's totally free, but you can spend money in order to unlock characters and runes faster or unlock different skins for characters.

I played it for about 10 minutes once. It sucked :D

It's an awesome game, Ive got well over 700 ranked games played, buuut havent played it for the past 2 months, so im a little behind on all the new champions and updates.

I stopped playing because im too hooked on other games atm, and because of the very many idiots in ranked games that just can't play, so I end up whining in chat instead. When you get to the point where you play alot of ranked matches, you will notice that it doesnt matter if youre good or not, because if 1-2 guys on your teams sucks, then youre doomed.

And with Dota 2 right around the corner, I dont think I'll go back to LoL anytime.

Boov: yeah you probably really got the taste of the game in those 10 minutes

Played DOTA for abit and now play HoN, but a few of my mates play LOL and really like it ae



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