League of legends

Hi people ! 

For one odd reason i don't see a lot of league of legends or dota 2 metioned here, why not ? 

The lol community is a bad one, that is one reason why most people don't talk about it here. I'm no so sure about Dota 2 however, I've barley played it.

lol is equal to the CoD of PC gaming. It's community is poison. The majority of people that play it have no idea what they are doing. I can't be bothered to discuss it. As far as Dota 2 goes...I think that community is sorta separate from everything else on the internet, and if you don't know the magic code they won't let you in.

LoL people are one of the most whiniest and selfiest people in PC gaming communities. Most people playing LoL think they are superior compared to another and they WILL let you know that, when you make the sligthest mistake in-game.

I just started playing DOTA 2 since I'm sort of burnt out on CS:GO. I've played LoL before but I have to say, the DOTA community is a much better one in terms of not acting like children. 

I play Smite, the third largest MOBA.

I like lol; since it doesn't run on steam. (steam enemy here)

I suppose the majority of people in the forum don't really like MOBA.

i like LoL, but the community i a negative one. alot of the issues within it could be helped with voice chat though. many say it would make it worse but many of the issues with the community toxicity stem from players not getting proper communication then lashing out. with voice chat it would make it to where you could have better communication..... and of course a mute key would be required.

I got bored of playing LoL. On the rare occasion I do play it will be with friends. meh.

I play Lol, and although it is true that community is sometimes childish and selfish, if you play with friends and voice chat it is very entertaining and fun to play. 

Add me if you want to play sometimes, (Europe West) Wearingsuit.

Btw try to add to friendlist to the good and non toxic players you find, when you have a big enough friendlist it gets way better.

I know this is a really old thread but just started playing LOL.  Never thought I'd be into MOBA but this thing is really casual friendly.  Was warned to stay away due to the toxic community but I've not encounter much of it so far, only played about a week now.  Anyone on the forums active in LOL hit me up if you need a newb top or bot lane

your pal, wikkett

Wikkett you will soon meet them trust me. Been casually playing LoL for 4 yearsish and had my fair time with them.

I play Dota 2 and currently have a shameful 1753 hours on it. The community is 'ok' to fun. Lots of dank memes, complaining about performance of other players, general complaining about 'russians' playing on european servers or 'peruvians' playing on us servers. 

Lively pro scene, filled with tribalism, but most interestingly is that the age range of pro players is far larger than of any other pro game on pc. 

Just know your kappa's, ez katka's, gg wp ff, mid or feed and navi will never be what it once was.

I play, if anyone wants to add me my name on it is Ginga_NZ, I'm not that great and tend to just play bots because at the moment, I've not got an ideal internet connection, being on wireless and pretty far from the router, I some times get bad lag.

If anyone wants to add me I'm TureWikkett in LOL and pretty much only play Sivir.  Once I have access to tier 3 runes I'll start branching out on more champs at level 20.  After 9 days of playing finally ran into some toxicity in chat.  Once I said I've only been playing MOBA type games for 9 days din't hear an other negative word.  Are these kids growing up...hehehehe?  In any event never thought I'd have fun but it's been just that.  Watching e-sports, checking out builds and tactics.  Who knew! 

your pal, wikkett

Now I will state all you have to do is look at my page to know I play LoL, but I'm know where near perfect at it, and I don't play it all the time. Though I can confirm that LoL is a snobby community. In game, and in real life (I know a few people who play it all the time and they brag 24/7).

I just tried league of legends again. My brother insisted I give it another try.  I don't under stand the point of the game.  Infinitely re-spawn until you clear a map of the bad guys?  I must be missing something. If someone can explain to me what the big deal is about this game. You will have to speak in simple words and phrases, I am over 30 and thus almost obsolete.

I play Smite and run the Tek Syndicate Smite clan but I don't play any league or dota.

Tried Smite once a long time ago and didn't get it at all until I decided to check out League.  Now I understand MOBA but just lack skill and knowledge of champions etc...  

doba36079 I'm also way beyond the "normal" age range of MOBA gamers  myself.  Basic idea behind these games is strategy team PVP fighter.  You take down your opponents defenses to kill their base.  The big deal to me is there is a lot of depth in item builds, team comps, match ups and team strats.  When the team synergies and CC locks the enemy oh what carnage ensues.  So far for me it's been over all fun, been at about 1 1/2 weeks now.  It can be devastatingly frustrating though.  Hope that helps.

your pal, wikkett