League of Legends?

Hey, so I've been playing LoL for like a month now. I'm looking for new people to play with.

Throw me an add if you play. Just looking to play normals until I hit level 30.

AlucardsFamiliar <--- IGN

Hope to play with some of you guys. I also use skype and vent. So don't worry about getting typekilled lol...

add me up on LoL, its sneekpeek64

im still rather new to LoL, but im a pree good Dota player: nna2

Do you play Dota 2? 

i did more before, but i know more LoL players in real life so i tend to play with them :P

pk ma1thael main top used to adc level 30 ranking bronze 3

I'm so sick of LoL. You thought CoD kidz were bad? Enjoy reaching lvl 30 in LoL.

+ The game is broke as hell. So many bugs and unbalanced shit that Riot Games does not fix. They prefer to make more champs and skins and even worse league system. Get money, fuck the players.

You do know that they are slowly rebalancing the game, right? I've already given them a list of problems and exploits people can use to gain unfair advantage over other players. Shit gon' get hard really soon. No more league of warmogs and bs like that...


Doubleagent214, and what team speak program do y'all use