League of Legends (Team Syndicate)

Hello, I am looking to build a team to play with in ranked League games. If you wan't to be on the team add me on League. I will be building a roster based on skill, age, and personal opinion. I will not be judging people based on third party League rankings, such as lolking.

League Name: Optimous Rhyme

Spots left: 4

Current Roster:

  • Optimous Rhyme

If you have any questions please reply to the thread.

Why dont you play Dota?

Because Dota sucks. IMO.

Your not good enough for the steep learning curve?

Is that what I said? No.

i would be interested to join in but im not ready yet since im at level 10.

pk ma1thael im level 30 main top used to adc ranking bronze 3

another person who amy want toplay is rekarrs he plays jungle

I will join. Not that high level or that great, but totally will join as a jungler for now. Love warwick. doubleagent214. Add me.

What team speak program do you use