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League of legends on Linux Mint

Hi Level 1 forums! This is my first post and Id like to give a shout out to the community and our 3 overlords! You guys are awesome and make awesome content. With that being said I have a question for anyone who thinks they can help.

I have recently gotten my hands on a Surface Pro 4. I installed Linux Mint and fully converted to Linux. I got the touchscreen working and the stylus. Its pretty awesome actually. Its a super portable general computer. Anyways, I’d like to do some light gaming on this thing. Now i know steam has its own thing for gaming on linux and there has been a lot of development, but the game I’d like to run is league of legends. There is no diriect port for this game and id like to not use WINE if I dont have to. Im running on the intel i5 6600u and the intel igpu so horsepower is limmited. If anyone has any insight on this subject i look foward to your response. Thanks guys!

You’re going to have to use WINE. Theres no way around that. Lutris or Play on Linux can make this much easier for you though. They can manage the WINE install and settings for you. I dont think you’re going to get good performance realistically with the igpu but I’ve never tried it so good luck.

inb4 aremis mint reeeee

I was about to tag @Aremis lol, he probably the only one on this forum that runs LoL on linux.

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I think he quit playing league. From what I understand of it, it works perfectly fine.

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So fuck mint.

Like actually.

And not for the meme.

Biggest thing with having LOL run is having the most up to date Mesa possible, and you know what? The only people the mint devs like are the ones that use firefox 45 ESR and libreoffice 4. (that was a joke but my point is that you’ll need up to date Mesa packages before doing much else).

And if you don’t needh mesa because nvidia, install the nvidia drivers and hold on to your ass because you may or may not be in for a hilarious ride. HOPEFULLY NOT, but I’ve run LoL on nvidia cards before and… Lets just say textures decided not to go the right places.

After all that happy shit the rest is super easy!

Install that app ^^^

And then go on that page and hit install.

The game will try to run and you will at least have the menu. Now, I’d open a bot game and see if it even loads. RIOT actively tries to break wine compatibility on the regular so you’ll be fighting, at this point, Mesa getting downgraded by mint, AND RIOT breaking the game. Though the lutris stuff gets updates enough that it SHOULD be fine 80% of the time. Theres actually a specific LOL strand of wine Prefixes that are developed.

Its actually really funny. RIOT tries to break the prufix and the prefix devs are always bugfixing itp


Anyways, mesa, lutris, hope nothing gets downgraded on updates.

Alternatively, stop using mint and use ubuntu 18.04 and you don’t have to worry about mesa. Though the last time I sraid that someone in the lounge shat their pants and blamed me for it so IDRC what you do I’d just do that if you actually want to game in linux reliably.

EDit: And if riot stopped sitting on their bals and finally put the game in vulkan like they said they would TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO the game will be reliable.

Edit 2: Scratch that mint might be ok but my general distrust in them tells me to be wary at least.

Either way get latest mesa and lutris and you should be good.


You really have to stop this. We get it, you dont like mint. Stop shitting on it every chance you get ok?


Read the post and you’ll understand the context you nerd.

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I understand why YOU have a problem with it, that doesnt mean everyone does. Anyway, im not going to argue with you anymore here about it. We can talk more in the lounge if you want.

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Riot makes so many changes to the game every year, the game is becoming more of a job than my actual job. So to RITO yearly changes > game stability & compatibility

The higher the number the better it is right?

Thanks guys. I’m gonna go ahead and follow all this up. Will let you know how it works out

Horrible buggy mess. I managed to get it working tho. After a few crash attempts I got fullscreen working. Now I have to set up non native fullscreen on it. Thanks for the help guys!

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