League of Legends blackscreen of death, crashes my PC

Hi, I started playing LOL and after some games my PC crashed: the screen turned black and my speakers made weird noises and the fans in my PC ramped up. I had these crashes every 2 or 3 games and they start to happen more often. I have tried many different solutions, but none of them work.


It is worth mentioning that these crashes only occur when i play league of Legends.

I play at MAX settings and get ~120fps all the time, so the PC is not stressed very much

The crashes occur ingame at random times: sometimes at 3 mintues, sometimes at 30 minutes


Things i have tried so far:

- I turned my CPU frequency back to stock, but that doesnt seem to affect the crashes

- Temps are OK: with FURMARK/Prime95 both running i have ~76 on GPU and 43/54 on the CPU (stock/OC to 4 ghz)

-reinstalling the Game didnt work

-different drivers, including the lates beta drivers dont help


What could i do to stop LoL from crashing my PC?


Thanks in advance


CPU: FX-8120 + NHD14

GPU: 7870

Mobo: Gigabyte ud3-970

RAM: 8GB Corsair XMC 1333

Storage: samsung 840 SSD

your gpu temps are pretty high, although some of that can be attributed to furmark...

what mfg and model is your graphics card? what psu are you using?

I am using a Sapphire 7870 OC edition (comes 1050mhz out of the box) and a BeQuiet pure power 630W power supply

i'm inclined to say that it might be your PSU...