League of legands on school laptop

Under in what facts do you have saying that Public Education is a joke? I found it to be very useful. It has helped me through a lot of different area, Gave me the chance to learn and apply the skills I have now! Having a good GPA in public school will have much better chances into getting into a good college. Education I feel is important in life. Like it or not. There are some areas in education that need to be improved. I know many people need better education about common sense...

Here is the main course: Why exactly are you trying to modify property that doesn't belong to you? I'll tell you this... Not a smart fucking idea... Wanna know why? Due to the fact you are messing around with school property, you end up jeopardizing your education. I know for a fact it will be put on your transcript if you ever got caught. Many school computers can monitor your activity on what you do. So you can't claim you didn't do it. Back to the transcripts. If you have 1 or two bad things on there, colleges aren't going to accept you into their education.

I'm locking this thread. There will be no intellectual bashing, and we will not help you break school property to play your crappy game.

Maybe if you pay attention in school, you'll have a decent enough education and job to buy your own PC.