League of legands on school laptop

Im no hacker or anything of the sorts but i would like to know how to install league of legends on my school computer. At the begging of the school year we get school computers you know and I play alot of league of legends and i want to know if there is a way to be able to. I do not have administrator right and that is what makes it hard, Thank you 

By the way i have tryed playing it off a flash drive it doesnt work because i need the prerequeset software


Please no. Just stop playing Lol for a while. If you thinking about playing at school, you addicted...

Go and study at school.

I dont know but i wish our school gave us computers. Instead they decided to get ipads which has done nothing but slow down the education process and also limit myself to the god awful game options on the ipad (atleast free wise)

Then stop playing games and focus on your studies.

Same goes for you OP.

Im trying to play the games after i get done with my "studies" if you can even call them that.


The education system here is such a joke so even after taking the hardest classes in the class groups that i want to take it ends up taking me 5-10 minutes to do the assignment and then the rest of the hour is spent sitting there with my thumb up my ass. Studying isent necessary as i already have a firm knowledge of the subjects before we get into them and i have no problem getting A's on every test/quiz therefore getting a A in the class as a whole.


So i would have hoped they would have provided a piece of technology that at the bare minimum enchanced the education and maybe as a plus provided good entertainment for people such as myself that have alot of "down" time. But nope, we get worthless technology that makes the education system slower. 

well you could:

  • take a nap
  • read a book
  • play cards with others
  • read articles that interest you
  • go on teksyndicate (If its not blocked)
  • Bring a film to watch

napping is generally not allowed (some teachers allow it, none of mine though), even if it were i dont trust enough people in most of my classes to leave myself vulnerable.

Books dont interest me, i only read books when required for class.

Playing cards isent allowed due to people gambling in the past

Already do this, there are only a limited amount of new articles every day that interest me that are posted in a 24 hour span, enough that reading articles only covers one class period at best.

I do (sites being blocked arent a issue because i use my phone's 4g as a wifi hotspot to bypass blocks since most articles i read are blocked). Tek syndicate filling my other 6 classes gets tiresome after awhile.

I only enjoy a very small amount of films, i have watched most of the films that peak my interest that have been released thus far so new films are few and far inbetween. I also dont enjoy being interrupted inbetween a film which would generally occur since most films are more than 50 minutes.



First we need to know if you have administrator access to your schools laptop. We also need to know if you have connectivity to Riot's game servers, if not then you may need to find a VPN to will let you play on it.

Please, if you do install LoL on your laptop, learn some time management, I generally stay off LoL and play some MMO that I have more control over time on at school when the instructors are putting me to sleep and I only need a 10minute distraction to wake myself up.

Wait... They give out laptops and iPads in schools now? My high school had about 3 or 4 sets of laptop carts (one set containing about 30 laptops) that were reserved for single class periods at a time. The laptops were also so slow and old that they literally took 20-30 minutes to boot up and login, so you could basically consider laptop days abbreviated classes.

I'm glad schools are moving forward with technology, but I don't think you should put games on a school computer. I know I always found it distracting in college when someone in front or around me would play a game through a lecture. I know school can be a breeze for some people, but other people have to really work at it. Also, does your school not offer advanced or college level courses that you could take to challenge yourself if your coursework is really that easy? 5-10 minutes is pitiful.

The bonus I got in my school was that my text books had detachable covers... as in they were so god damned old and overused that the adhesive of the cover and often part of the binding eroded and broke away. My math book came in 2 parts, biology 3.

We had an A+ class that I took and got certified at 17... but we built and repaired DELL clamshell desktops from 2000. I got certified in 2009. :P

1. DX needs to be installed
2. The ability to connect to the servers needs to be established and
3. league dosent need to be installed as it can be played from a exhdd 

Yes. I already take the hardest classes my school offers in my specific areas (technically there are probably a few harder classes but in areas I have no interest in). The "advanced/college" level course will be identical to a regular course except that you cover material slightly faster than a regular course (by the end of a grading quarter we might be a week and a half ahead of the regular course) and a regular course would receive a in-class assignment after the lesson is "taught", if you dont finish the assignment in class then it becomes homework. For the advanced version we get the same classwork to do but then there is also a second assignment that we dont receive until the end of class that is supposed to be homework. I end up doing the "homework" assignment in my next class anyway.

Ok, I guess i missed out a huge part I AM NOT PLAYING LEAGUE AT SCHOOL I JUST WANT TO PLAY AT HOME CAUSE MY HOME PC IS SHIT. Ok now that we have that covered how can i do this. And yes we can take our school laptops home

so how can i install direct x on my laptop i need administrator access


Same for me, the "New" laptop carts they buy are slower than the old ones it seems.

Hm. You could always change a few things around. http://www.wikihow.com/Find-or-Change-My-Computer%27s-Administrator

You don't own that PC and most members here will not help you do thing's you aren't permitted to do. We will not help you break agreements that you signed for.

This has come up on the forums several times, and the same answer is always given.

Stop telling him to focus on his "studies" lmao. If you have to study to maintain at least a 3.5 in an American public high school then you are doing your life wrong lmao. Public education is a joke.

Many people have trouble learning in some areas, or are not proficient in a certain subject. Don't be an asshat.

Care to tell or source about your crap education claims over there?