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Please let me know the glass on the display of the LCD monitor is actually a protection glass or the display panel itself??I am asking because a child threw a small type of toy in to my monitor glass and i seriously doubt whether this will affect the screen quality and the inner settings of the display.No visible damages are seen at the spot.I have heard that Liquid Cathode is flown through the display when the monitor is turned on and the pixels will get stuck if we touch it.Is it true??pls help as i have only a very little knowledge with this type of electronics and gadgets.My monitor is a Dell S2240L IPS panel.



Monitors don't have glass specifically, but anyway the plastic surface coating of the monitor is a part of the panel. A very thin layer on top could theoretically be treated for scratches, but it's not removable and comes pre fitted onto any replacement panel part. The good thing about this plastic is that it can take a reasonable hit or push by objects that are blunt without sustaining permanent damage. If the picture looks good now then it's probably fine and should not get worse in the short term.

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IPS is less prone to the touch issues than TF if the front layer is plastic. Corning makes gorilla glass for panels but I don't think anyone has used it (or very few) in anything but prototypes due to its costs.

Do you know Dell S2240L has gorilla glass protection???my screen is glossy..