LBRY.COM Please start uploading there also


Hey guys at L1T, I know you love youtube and all but I would like to see you start to embrace LBRY.COM, many youtubers (tech) have started doing this, even some you know personally.

I understand you have the paid content on Floatplane, but it be nice if you also uploaded the youtube content to

Think it over.


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Topic restored. :slight_smile:

I’m skeptic about anything that “pays creators in crypto.” That includes LBRY, bittubers, minds, loki network and even the brave browser (albeit the last one is a decent browser, outside of its crypto non-sense). I’d rather want to see Wendell configure a PeerTube instance in Linode and start uploading there. Then people can make their own PeerTube instances in Linode or other places and link their instances with Wendell’s in order to also host and seed the videos (video idea, wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Even the Blender Foundation has a peertube instance.

There is no value being created by watching videos, commenting or using a service (ok, some value might be created, but the costs of running such services outweighs that), so the crypto used on those platforms are basically snake oil. They are like tokens you buy with real fiat money or crypto currencies and use them to promote your content (like, basically advertisement points). They serve no other purpose. Sure, some people may be interested in that and may sell other goods for those tokens, but those are few and there are lots of gullible people who value those tokens more than they are (subjectively) worth. Maybe those cryptos would be valuable if people actually used them to exchange other goods with, like it’s the case currently for bitcoin and monero. But then again, the purchasing power of those tokens would diminish the more the supply increases, and given that the supply increases with people watching content or commenting or whatnot, it is safe to assume it won’t be long before they will become worthless, unlike other major cryptos which will hold their value, because they serve the specific purpose of money and only increase their supply by mining.

The internet should go back to being decentralized. People should be hosting their own content. allow others to copy and seed the content and pay for the resource consumption out of their own pockets and not by data collection (resources being bandwidth, storage, processing power in case encoding / decoding is necessary and electricity used). There is no reason for this to be hard, it’s just that people haven’t made it simple for normies yet.

Why not support their efforts on floatplane?


Thanks, thought I think I resurrected the older topic also. Ell well :slight_smile:

Allot of people have enough subscriptions going on as it is, and some people can’t afford it. Also why not have a backup revenue source just in case? (not that L1T need it).

There is allot of reasons to use LBRY and I can’t do them justice by trying to list them here, but there is plenty of content creators on lbry that do compare it to YT revenue and effort/worth etc… I think The Linux Gamer is one of them, and also Dave at eevblog.

DistroTube also having some success on Lbry:

I’ve been trying to use it more, but there’s not enough of the type of content I watch on there just yet. They just need a few more tech channels, few guitar channels, and a few cooking channels and then I could probably leave YouTube. :slight_smile:

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That will always be the problem. The amount of content has to reach some sort of critical mass,which I have no clue of btw.

Anyway I like Linus’ approach to it. So that’s why I use floatplane.