Launching TheLinuxWeekly #OneYearOfLinux

Greetings fellow teksyndicates

I am soon starting of with a new Series on my website called the linuxWeekly. In this weekly blog I'd post a linux command weekly. Here I will discuss it's variants, it's most important functionality and give a little assignment for those not common to the subject.

I'm not here to advertise this blog or anything. In fact I do this as a passion for Linux. I'm here to ask if the content is off any interest for you. Also as you may notice my native language isn't English but Dutch. So if anyone (preferably with knowledge of linux) would like to apply to read this little article each time before it gets released that would be much appreciated.

How I came up with the idea? I recently noticed the #OneYearOfLinux here on teksyndicate and wanted to support Logan and the crew by introducing Linux for beginners and also give a brief fluffy refresh for the more experienced.

Here is the link: TheWeeklyLinux: W1

Looking forward to reading comments on this!