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What does everyone think of io x mavricks and ios 7?? worth upgrading or not??

I would put a definite no on IOS 7, and a maybe on OS X maverick. IOS7 just seems like a bit of a reskin with not much new functionality, but OS X Maverick could give some promise if you really need it. If you are only using it for general web browsing and things don't upgrade, but if you like productivity then you may want to give it a go.

Agreed, while iOS7 does have Some improvements (and a generally ugly reskin), Mavericks is a big step forward in the OSX line.

As soon as I work out the necessary steps for an Hackintosh, then I'm looking into having a test-drive with Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion and Mavericks. Maybe not so much SL as my G4 runs Leopard, but I need it to do the build so why not.