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Latest Linux Kernel Breaks G502 Mice - Arch


I was wondering why my extra buttons stopped working, and apparently there are now basic logitech drivers in the kernel which breaks the workaround (mix of generic mouse and keyboard polling) to get the extra buttons working.



Do you happen to know if this also affects the G402? That would be annoying :expressionless:



Unknown, I only have two g502 mice.

I was reading the bug reports and apparently it’s even broken in testing still.

I really don’t want to have to recompile my kernel every upgrade so hopefully this gets fixed quickly.



What a surprise, something broken on a bleeding edge distro :wink:


But for real though, thanks for the PSA.

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Can you not just blacklist the new kernel driver and load the previous driver that worked?

Are you using libinput?



not sure if blacklisting is really an option. there have been a lot of logitech specific stuff added to the kernel in 5.2 that piggybacks on eachother so it might cause instability.



I’m not surprised. The maintainers of Arch have a bad habit, of trying to fix stuff that’s not broken, and then break it.

Arch is the main reason I refuse to use pre-made kernels. I got tired of their non-sense. For now just default back to the previous kernel and wait it out, or use one of the other kernels available in the AUR

i’m still salty about Arch deprecating the synaptic driver in favor of libinput, so leave me alone

Also side note for those who don’t already know, if you use Arch, you know damn well what you signed up for, keep a working kernel in your /boot folder. It will save your skin one of these days.



this is not because of Arch, this is the mainline Linux kernel changes.

This is part of the logitech revamp that is going on in 5.2

edit: also, I’m not complaining, was just letting folks know in case they use arch or an arch based distro as it was driving me nuts for a few hours until I figured out the problem



I know, i mean no harm, i’m Just being salty cause i’ve used Arch for 3 years and went through the headache of fixing things and get Vietnam flashbacks of the nightmares.

I still feel in my heart it’s an Arch problem though. To test this theory, try using The same kernel version but one available on the AUR and see if you have issues.

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it’s all good. I just want to be clear on it as it seems this will get fixed in future updates.

I figure the risk of stuff breaking is par for the course, and a sacrifice I’m willing to make so that others don’t have the problem in more stable versions. I can deal with the weird problems as it helps me learn more about my system everytime I have to do a workaround etc.

I’m just waiting for Linus to get wind of it so I can see his rant on


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Mh so… which version is affected exactly? Cause I just got a notification on my Fedora install that 5.2.13 is available soooo… :thinking:



5.2.13 is still affected AFAIK

edit: to be clear, I haven’t updated to this version as of yet, only have other folks who have posted about it to go on



OK so which Kernel did you get it on first? Cause currently I’m on 5.2.11 and my G402 Keys are still working

actually just saw in the link you posted it says 5.2.11 was the issue… mh