Latest 40" 4K Displays

A couple years back Wendell introduced me to the world of 40" 4k displays. I ended up with an AMH A409U which I love. Looking around it seems like 40" 4K displays are hard to find. The AMH is gone. I’m terrified that my display is going to break and I’m going to be left with no solid 40" alternative.

High (greater than 60Hz) refresh rates are not a big priority to me. I do game on the display but casually. I’m just looking for a solid 40" 4K.

Is there a successor to the A409U? I picked up an LG 43UD79-B to have as a backup/2nd display, but I’m pretty unhappy with it. 43" is just on the too-big side and the display quality is low relative to the incomparable A409U.

Any suggestions?


I use a 43" 4k T.V. that is not connected to any network. I use it to code so response time of the panel is not necessarily a concern. It works very well for my use case. And at 300 USD, I would call that a very fair price.

HOWEVER … I have long had my ear to the ground for a proper display that I don’t need to cut out a kidney in order to afford. So far there is nothing.

Dual 32" is bae

Did the 43" life the 34" ultra life and this is my end game size

I’m still on the lookout for the next great 40" 4K. Has anyone run into one of these lately?

There is the one Wendell got but nothing amazing

Was bigger than 40 tho