Latency Free Capture/Input Card

So I'm new to the forum but I've been watching the tek and other videos on the channel for quite sometime. I have thought about joining before but honestly I'm a busy guy and I already frequent other forums. I decided to finally create an account because I have a question/issue that has yet to be answered.

I have a PS4 and I'm really trying to hook it up to my pretty 1440p PLS Qnix Korean panel. The only problem as you know is the fact that it only supports DVI-D as the input. Not only that but it doesn't have a scaler so it requires the native 1440p input.

I'm trying to counter this by installing a capture card into my system so I can output the video via my PC. Now apparently all these capture cards have major latency. I believe some of that may be attributed to the fact that they run off a separate box outside the PC? What I would be looking for is a direct hdmi input card like THIS.

Is there anything out there that will provide realtime output on my screen? I honestly wouldn't care if the actual capture feature was terrible as long as it could output the video in realtime at the full 1080p 60fps.

I can't fathom there not being such a device out there.... I can use the PS4's capture card to stream realtime gameplay to my Vita not only over the WLAN but outside the network as well. Yet I can't install a PCI-E card into my system and plug my PS4 directly up to it without unbearable lag? That makes no sense...

Did I stump everyone on here? XD


Really? I just got finished using my Vita to play on my PS4 (which was on a mere 1mbps upload) from over 500 miles away.

There has to be somthing that allows real time input on my PC.