Late 2008 Macbook Pro, Still viable?

Hi, I was thinking of getting this late 2008 Macbook Pro I found for $140 usd (do you think this price is good? How's the screen on it?) it needs a battery replacement as it doesn't hold charge but other then that it's in good condition. I'm looking for a inexpensive laptop and to introduce myself to mac and to dual boot linux on it. I plan on upgrading the ram and hdd to a ssd and 8 gbs of ram. I also plan on using it for a copy of Hackintosh. What do you guys think should I get it? Your input is highly appreciated. Thank you

If you're going to buy a used macbook 2008 is a good year. Until late 2009 all he screens on the macbooks (non pro) were 13 inch 1280 X 800. A 2008 model will probably have a nwidia 9600 or ATi X1600 (or similar chip). Depending on the exact model as well (like the AXXXX number and MPXXX/LLA numbers) the exact models that came out in 2008 were staggered betweer DDR2 and DDR3. If you have a DDR2 machine it can only run up to OSX 10.7.5 but you can run whatever else in bootcamp (also you have macports for apps you may want like kdenlive) but 10.7 is still supported.... well enough. If its a DDR3 machine you can run whatever os as well as the latest OSX.

Also nothing is soldered to the board that should be changeable. Ram, HDD/SDD... You're good to change that out as you please. Also the CPU socket should be ZIF if you want to swap it out for something beefier. Just be careful that if you swap chips you can use the same ram that you had. A C2D T5800 will only support DDR2 where a P9600 will support DDR2 and 3. So be careful there.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply, it was very informative. Now I can't wait to get my hands on it :)

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Also yeah 140 is a decent price if the unit works completely. If not you can get parts pretty cheap at places like .

Edit: And yeah I try to be informative :P I've learned a lot about a lot of hardware so if its something about macs on this forum not many respond. Its rather annoying to be honest. Just treat it like glass. They were worth about 450 bucks when they were originally sold for 1600 and unless you repair one or someone is dumping one, like your sitch, then having it repaired will be stupid expensive for no reason. Because apple.

Good to know, I'm from Canada so I think the shipping for parts and stuff from that website would cost a bit, also possible import fees. thanks again for all your help :) When I go check out this Macbook what should I be looking for?

Make sure you can turn it on. Does the charger work. Does the screen have correct color. Does the KB freak out. Does the mouse work. Sound. Load up minecraft and test graphics. Should do OK.

Okay, will do. I'll report back tomorrow once I get it :)

oh and the battery not holding a charge issue, that's just the case of buying a new battery right?

Well the battery is built in the pros I believe. In the normal macbooks you should be able to get new, I should think. I have powerpc machines. I just know the details of repair. I don't own one :D

Okay :) Once I get it I'll take some detailed pics and post it.

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