Last Minute Ideas for Crysis 3 Build?

I am going to order my parts in the next few days and I wanted know if anyone has any upgrade ideas, like the title says, I am going to play Crysis 3 on Ultra.


Why not get a 7870 XT, all the cool kids are doing it.

+1 for the 7870XT, also get rid of that power supply and get a 650 -750Watt PSU from either XFX, Seasonic, Antec, Silverstone, Corsiar, NZXT or PC Power & Cooling

It is sold out on Newegg right now, should I wait for it to be back in stock?

What is the difference between my current GPU and the 7870 XT?

The XT is a 10-15% (-ish) increase in power for about 20 bucks more than the one you have now. If the XT was out back when I bought a 7870, I wouldn't have thought twice about it. Should be an excellent overclocker, too.

Regular 7870 definitely isn't a bad card, though.

Buy a ssd if your budget allows it

Crysis 3 on ultra with a 7870? That's a laugh and a half.

Really? Would you tell me why, becasue I think you are wrong.

Here's a 7870 XT, comes with Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider!

He is, in fact, correct.

*Taken from Logans Crysis 3 Benchmarks, using an FX 8350 and a 7970 DCU II (both overclocked)*

  • 1080p - Max - 20.00
  • 1080p - No Filters - 32.20

Considering the fact that a 7970 can only get 20 FPS, it's safe to say that max settings on a 7870 is completely out of the question (unless you want your game to be a slide show). However, you should be just fine on high settings (and the game still looks beautiful).

I have seen that video of Logan's but I have also seen videos on Youtube that show Crysis 3 on Very High with the 7870 and 7850. Are those videos lying?

They're not lying, they just do not show the full settings at which they may be running at. Some settings are more demanding than others obviously and those certain settings may be lowered or off.

So I could run Crysis 3 on Ultra hypothetically without those settings turned on?

Yes. You could run Crysis 3 on Ultra with all those settings turned on, you wouldn't get the best frame rate however lol. I've heard multiple times though that the difference between High and Very High (Ultra) setting in Crysis 3 are so minimal that you couldn't notice them even if you really tried. 

Ok, btw do you have an AMD or Nvidia graphics card, I don't know which to get and if you could recommend one that would be helpful

Well here is my GTX 480 (overclocked to 7950 performance) running C3 on "High" at 1920x1080...


The only difference between High and Ultra in the Beta was the FPS drop...LOL


Without recording, it manages 60+ with a minimum of around 50


I haven't built my new 7970 rig yet but what I'm on right meow has a AMD GPU. Again, get that 7870 XT I recommended earlier, it's an absolute monster for the price. However, you can go ahead and get the 7970 if you have the money. Nvidia graphics cards are good too but a bit too pricy in my opinion, AMD cards also get better frame rates in most (if not all) games than Nvidia cards do.

Isn't the GTX 480 an old card, and it can run that well? That's amazing.

Yeah, but it is not standard, running a seriously high overclock, as i said, matching the 7950.


Here is a little proof...