LAS card on a Z590i motherboard

Hi, I recently purchased a 9207-8i PCIE3.0 6Gbps HBA card to put in an Asus Z590I motherboard. It is already in IT Mode. The problem is “The Intel® 500 series chipset does not support UEFI VBIOS graphic card, hence the integrated graphics mode does not support legacy boot and CSM option becomes non-configurable.” The motherboard only has one PCIe slot for the LAS card so I can’t put a discrete video card in it to enable the CSM options. Is there any workaround like a newer BIOS version? Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks!


So the issue is that you can’t enter the LSIs cards “BIOS/Configuration utility”?

I can’t tell exactly from the above if this applies in your case (based on what specifically is reporting, what you were trying to do and what point in the boot that is), however you might consider -

LSI cards have been known to misidentify as graphics in combination with bios of some boards.

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I’ve used this advice on 2 units 9228-8i, taping off pin 5-6. This permitted boot to proceed to OS (and use normally).

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