Large monitor(46")

I'm looking for a large monitor to replace my TV since I don't need a TV, or specifically I need something without a built in tuner. This is due to stupid laws that demand that I pay the state funded channel money if I own something that has a TV tuner in it(even if it's a VHS or whatever), I have never watched TV on my current TV nor do I have the equipment I need to watch TV, it's especially baffling since the analogue signal is gone so you need some form of digital encoder(decoder?) anyway.

So yeah, anyone know of a TV sized "monitor" that isn't super expensive, I'd rather like there to be at least 2 HDMI in, and some form of audio out, preferably analogue, but digital is ok since I'm probably going to buy a D/A converter anyway or my next amp is going to have digital in. My budget is $500-$750.

And yes I can sell my TV to my parents on paper, but I'd rather not have one of the auditors show up and fine me for 20 bajillion moneys.

Based on that, I would say you are better off getting a SmartTV or a really nice HD TV. Any cheap monitor at that size isn't worth buying.

Welp, guess I'm going to have to risk "selling" my current TV to my parents then and hope there's no inspectors coming around.