Large amounts of electricity sent wirelessly - will it take off?

"According to Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or Jaxa, the researchers were able to transform 1.8 kilowatts of electric power into microwaves and transmit it with accuracy into a receiver located 55 metres away.

In an experiment conducted last week in Hyogo prefecture in western Japan, the microwaves were successfully converted into direct electrical current, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The experiment was the first in the world to send out high-output microwaves wirelessly to a small target, a Jaxa spokesman said."

"Researchers β€œare aiming for practical use in the 2030s,” Yasuyuki Fukumuro, a researcher at Jaxa, said.

According to Jaxa, a receiver set up on Earth with an approximately 3-kilometre radius could create up to one gigawatt of electricity, about the same as one nuclear reactor."

I've cut out the most interesting snippets. That's a lot of power. Do you think it'll actually take off, why or why not?

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I read this story from another outlet and this is an amazing break through. If the technology can scale up, we can build solar panels in space and easily meet our energy needs for a very long time (dyson sphere anyone?). So I hope we can continue to refine this and make it a valid way to distribute energy.

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Somebody already had that idea, his name was Nikola Tesla.

This article actually came up as a result of a discussion I was having about N.Tesla's idea never taking off because... reasons....(greed)

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