Large 4k or Ultrawide?

I need a new monitor and I'm deciding between a large 4k monitor (40'' to 50'', tv as a monitor or a Korean monitor) or a 34'' ultrawide.
FYI: I have a gtx 970.

  • Which is better for productivity?
  • Which has better display scaling in Windows 10?
  • Which is best for gaming? 4k, 4k @1080p, 3440x1440 etc.
  • Is using a tv as a monitor a good experience or idea? If so, what are some good options? Are there any that are IPS?
  • Or a Korean monitor?

40" 4k of course, more pixels at the same price

a TV for a monitor would add latency which would be bad


40" 4k ! The 970 is okish in games, defenetly enougth for productivety.

To use a TV as a proper monitor you gotta make sure it doesn't have tons of ghosting, for productivity the 4k monitor probably wins depending on what you're doing.
For gaming 3440x1440 is the way to go, especially curved with some sort of adaptive sync.

You might be a bit stuck since you're using a 970, a card not really well suited for either 3440x1440p or 4k, and the more expensive models with gsync are so expensive getting a new card would be worth it.

That's why I was thinking I could game in 1080 on the 4k so the performance hit wouldn't be an issue. There's not really a way to cut the resolution like that on 3440x1440. I really want gsync but I can't use a 27'' 4k it's just too small.

Any suggestions on a monitor?

AMH was quite a thing ! now................Maybe it was a bad batch ! Check them out ! On a functioning unit the quality is definitely amazing ! I game on both 4k and 2k, depends on the game !

I like my 27" 4k allot, but I think the sweet spot for 4k is in the 30" - 34" range

don't go for the 40" ones, the pixel density of the smaller ones is much better. its feels like I have a 27" retina display infront of me, makes reading text so much easier.

Wasabi Mango is the best overall if you have a spare 800 bucks, otherwise any of the other korean displays are going to be alright, Crossover 32" isn't going to be too bad either

Though you could be fitting more visible text on the screen with a 40" 4k display

4K gaming on the 970 is a no go for AAA games. Old stuff like source engine will be fine. Otherwise just use 1080 and render the pixels in a good compressible format.

Productivity, 4K 40" is a game changer. It's so much of a game changer I'm thinking about replacing my year old laptop to get better graphical performance at work. I honestly thought Wendell was full of shit even after the multiple people agreeing with him.

4K 40" as a developer changed my life. I can separate my workspaces so much easier and get everything on the same screen. Debugging, source, application and infrastructure/logs all on the same screen with no bezels is so much better than i ever imagined. The best part was, the very first outage I had with the new monitor I could literally screen shot my one screen for all the data needed for the root cause analysis. It's glorious.

"Which is better for productivity?"
A 4k panel will be. tho i found video editing to be better on a ultra wide.

"Which has better display scaling in Windows 10?"
I have been told that windows does not scale well in 4k so the ultra wide is better.

"Which is best for gaming? 4k, 4k @1080p, 3440x1440 etc."
The 4k panel will be as some games don't support ultra wide displays.

"Is using a tv as a monitor a good experience or idea?"
In my experience no due to input lag.

I'll weigh in since I've had both. For pure productivity 4K wins. But only by a bit. If you are going to game though 21:9 is absolutely the way to go! Totally changed gaming! Yes I know technically you can run 3440x1440 on a 4K screen but trust me it doesn't feel the same as using a real 34 inch 21:9.

That's exactly what I was thinking. What monitor are you using? Also, what display scaling are you using?

You don't think 32'' is too small? I'm using a 21.5'' monitor next to a 27'' both 1080. So I was thinking at least a 43'' so it's like 4 21.5s

I don't use any display scaling. I treat my AMH A409 as though it's 4 20" 1080 monitors.

Not necessarily, plus the sharpness is an added benefit.

I really love my 27" and it makes a great productivity monitor, but I do think a slightly bigger display would be a better choice (32" maybe)
but you shouldn't throw away the sharpness, since if you just need raw screen real estate go for multi monitors.

The whole point is to have one big bezeless experience with a 40" 4k display, which basically gives you 4 20" 1080p displays.

sharpness is nice sure, but seeing more is way better for productivity, as little scaling as possible is what you want for productivity.

you can still see plenty at 27". Scaling isn't a huge issue.

the point is if you just need that real estate, multi monitor would be a better option.