Laptops like the HP Dev One?

So here I am still rocking a T440p when I noticed the HP Dev One. Unfortunately for me, they only ship in the US.

So what is a good recommendation that Is like the HP Dev One that I can get in Asia? My main concern is that I can replace the SSD and RAM.

Hi there. Fellow Asian here. We are pretty much SOL when it comes to Linux supported laptops. Not sure if System76 can ship to us. Support, especially hardware related concerns can be a nightmare to them. Never fear though, Arch wiki is here:

They also have guides and preferable brand/models for MSI and other laptops.

While System76 does ship to some countries in Asia (my country is included) I hate that they only have the 15" Pangolin for their AMD system. What I prefer is something between the 13" and 14" form factor. I don’t really use the keypad and don’t see the need for it on my laptop.

The 2 laptops that have caught my eyes this year are the Dev One and the Framework laptop. Sadly both are out of reach at the moment for me. :sob:

I got a Tuxedo laptop. They ship internationally and have vast amounts of keyboard layouts and power supply standards.

Running my Infinitybook for about half a year now. Superb mobile Linux workstation. I can replace both DIMMs and both of the M.2 drives, 5 screws. They also have reasonable upgrade prices for memory and storage


Oh wow, really love the looks of the whole design, especially the Pulse 15 Gen2. Looks like I have to save up a bit more before I can splurge a bit on that.

Thank you for the recommendation.

You might take a look into HP EliteBook 845 G7/G8. They look really close to Dev One.

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Thank you, definitely will be looking into the 845.

Almost looks like HP took the 845 and plonk Pop OS into it to be the Dev One

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Seems like it :joy:

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