Laptops eh

So guys looking for an ultrabook this summer in need of a portable piece of hardware. Throw some ideas my way.

ASUS zenbook.

This beast:

ewwww.... my shitty emachines desktop at home has better specs....

well like always it depends on your budget, from what I've gathered asus have a very nice set of ultra books, also depends what you want it for, just look around. 

Jcat very ultra indeed

i would not get a ultra book  there all kind of expensive this one is cheap and has good ultrabook specs but might blow up. 

I second this. When I get a new laptop, I'm buying a zenbook.

That is amazing at that price.

ive got an msi GE70, but there are slightly different models that are a bit better

I currently own an ASUS K55-V, it's an ultrabook, but for the money is a very laptop. It has a dual-core Intel i5 [email protected](2.9 with turbo), 4 GB [email protected], Nvidia GT630M 2GB video card,1366x736 LED display and a 750GB HDD @5400rpm. It can play pretty much any game, ofc, at much lower quality. I even played Bioshock Infinite on a 1080p monitor at lower quality settings and it ran smoothly. 


By any means, if you cand afford, buy a laptop with a quad-coe i7 and if you want to play games as well, anything above the 630M or equivalent from AMD is welcome.  For example :

ya just get a real laptop like this


Excellent suggestion, it's a beast of a notebook.