Laptop Windows 10 OS drive cloned to a desktop SSD?

Hey there guys! :D I would like to apologize in advance, I don't post that often (and I want to change that actually, I love this community) to please don't go bezerk if I do something wrong here or anything, Anyways So I have finally ascended to a higher level in the PC realm. From a old Toshiba laptop to a crazy powerful desktop, thoughts sales really helped out a lot. (full build here: The problem I have come across is this, I have Windows 10 on my laptop's HDD and I have some SDD's in the new build and I would like to be able to clone that HDD to the SSD. I am also going to be using Acronis True Image 2016 to clone the drive. Now the one only thing that worries me is the whole Windows 10 key locking in to your hardware. Is it possible that windows 10 is integrated with my laptop motherboard or other hardware and won't work at all on the new machine?. I plan to do a full factory rest once it installs, if it does. O and a few more things is it easy to plug in a laptop drive to a normal Desktop set up and have it recognized to I can boot to it in the BIOS and then run Acronis to clone the two. Like is a laptop drive in a desktop possible, I think it is? Thank you guys, and you need me to further explain anything I would be happy to. I am like 99.99% sure this will work but I just want to make sure it will. Thanks again and have a get day! :D

The main issue here is, it will deactivate Windows most likely. Windows 10 upgraded is tied to the hardware. Plus a clean install is better. Now if your laptop had Windows 7 and you can still read the key on the bottom. You can always install Windows 7 on the new machine and upgrade to Windows 10 that way. But anytime you do a build, always include a OS.

Okay is there any other, there are a few windows seven drives I have from other laptops but they are actually having trouble booting in to for some reason. If I can boot into one I really want to completely format it and use it. Would you mind helping me with booting in to them at all. Or is there any why I can pull my product key from the laptop.

I think the clone OS is going to have a hard time in your new build, all the drivers for your laptop will likely not be compatible and you will have to delete them and then install the appropriate ones.
Also an OEM version of windows is tied to the motherboard and would need a phone call and story of hardware failure to transfer over from what I have heard.

O that might be pretty smart, I'm not sure what I should say about "hardware failure" if you catch my drift. I heard people have been able to torrent Windows 10 and get it activated, do you know anything about this that my help? Also like I said in a different comment I have windows seven on three different laptop drives that are acting really strange and I can boot in to them, is there anyway I could get help from you guys or should I make a new topic about it. Also is there any other free ways I can get it, I know there is r/Microsoft software swap, but is there a free way? thank you though.

I always just bought Windows other methods are too much pain in the ass.