Laptop WiFi

Good evening everyone,

So a few days ago I just picked up the ASUS Zenbook UX305FA. This laptop is amazing and has given me no troubles... until I moved back into my college room and installed Linux Mint 17...
At home, my WiFi with Windows 8.1 was just fine, not a single issue. I get to college, and I still only have Windows 8.1 installed, and WiFi is fine. Then I split the SSD partition to install Linux Mint 17 with Cinnamon and problems start occurring... Currently the laptop is dual-booting between Linux Mint and Windows 8.1 The WiFi connectivity has been very spotty. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This is on both Operating Systems. Oddly enough, when the WiFi on my laptop isn't working, the WiFi on my desktop remains connected. The WiFi isn't the greatest in my house, but I'm the only one who has been having issues. Anybody have any ideas as to what the issue could be, specifically on the Linux side?

A quick note, I previously had an HP Pavilion M6 with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installed. At my college residence, no WiFi issues at all. At work however, WiFi didn't work once. Anyone have any ideas what could be the cause of my WiFi woes (which is also what is causing me from going full Linux)? Any help would be great!

That link is a good place to start for testing and fixing some problems with internet connection in Mint/Ubuntu.