Laptop wifi card not registering on wire shark

I just downloaded wireshark and the wifi card is not being regestered on wire shark, only the bluetooth and it keeps reporting the pipe is broken, maybe I should learn more about networking, or I this something I should be legitimately worried? @DeusQain you seem like someone who has been around the block with networking, maybe you have a clue?

Just double checking are you on linux or no.

On linux (I have no idea how to do it for windows) you need to change your wifi card to change your wifi card to monitored mode and you need to start it as superuser.

You do this with:

sudo airmon-ng start [interface]
sudo wireshark

Mind you I feel obliged to tell you that you need to be careful what you use wireshark for, you can get into serious trouble doing that kind of stuff.

I'm doing nothing illegal, and yes I am currently running ubuntu

windows is to expensive

Like I said I feel obliged to warn you. This should work. Once you are done using wireshark to return your card to a mode that doesn't monitor everything do

sudo airmon-ng stop mon0

Any other problems?

It worked, thanks a lot