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(Laptop w/ Nvidia Optimus) Problem Trying To Downsample 1440p to 1080p Monitor


Laptop model: Tongfang GK5CN6Z
LG panel IPS 144hz
i7 8750H (UHD Graphics 630)
GTX 1060 (Non Max-Q)

The problem: I was able to successfully boot up a resolution of 1440p at 90hz, however, it won’t downscale properly to the 1080p screen, essentially an overscan problem.

Default 1080p:

Custom 1440p:

I tried playing around with Intel’s onboard graphics settings (w/ the latest driver) using the scaling options. The setting that made the most sense was Scale Full Screen, but to no avail, overscan remains.

I suspect that if the 1060 card was connecting through the display panel directly instead of being tethered to the onboard graphics, this downscaling won’t be a problem. I don’t know what else to do.

Furthermore, the only way I was even able to create the custom resolution was to use Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) because Intel’s own on board control panel keep giving me “The custom resolution exceeds the maximum bandwidth capacity”.


Would say the maintain aspect ratio option would help, because it looks like you’re using 1920x1440, not 2560x1440, but I’ve never tried running higher than native resolution.


It’s 2560x1440p, Scale Full Screen is suppose fit the whole image to fullscreen but instead it displays from the top left corner and outwards the screen space.

edit: I’m not sure if it’s a limitation from the panel or the iGPU.


Probably a limitation of the driver. The scale full screen option is probably only meant for scaling up.

My (uneducated) guess would be that it scales according to the short or long side, and then matches the aspect ratio to the panel’s. If you try a 4:3 resolution that’s higher than native, does it stretch the image and go off screen?

If the laptop’s got Optimus, chances are the Nvidia GPU passes through the Intel.


That makes sense cuz the Scale Full Screen does work for lower resolutions. Welp this sucks. Oh well. I’m guessing, what ever standard of connection used to connect the display panel to the board has very strict limitations.