Laptop Vs. Desktop CPUs

So I am thinking of selling my laptop and building a desktop computer. I believe that it is possible to put together a more powerful desktop for a cost lower than the original cost of the laptop. The only thing is, the CPU in my laptop (i7 4600mq) outperforms desktop others like the AMD fx 6300 in benchmarks. I am wondering if this supposedly "less powerful" AMD processor will be able to match or exceed the performance of the Intel laptop CPU when paired with a more powerful GPU, like a GTX 770. My laptop has a GTX 770m. Are artificial benchmarks not representative of real-world performance?

I only really see one question, the answer to which is Yes, artificial benchmarks are not really representative of real world performance. If you are asking if a 770 wiith a 6300 will be better than a mobile I7 with 770m, yes. The 770 alone would make better GPU performance while the 6300 would not slow it down. It also depends on what actual gaming benchmarks were run. I would advise looking up actual gaming benchmarks with the CPU/GPU combo you want vs what you get in your laptop.

The fx6300 is probably a downgrade, but people don't normally compre mobile cpu's with desktop ones I would think.  Can't find too much on this specific benchmark comparison.  You'll see more of a difference just in the fact that you'll be moving from Intel to AMD.  There are more factors that could improve performance versus your laptop such as a high speed SSD and all that, motherboard and overclocking as well.  Oh yeah, speaking of overclocking, there's one thing that you'll be able to utilize way better on a desktop.  I don't know anyone who overclocks a laptop anyway.  Good cooling would be important, and if you had a better cooler you'd be able to move up to an amd 8xxx cpu for not much more money.