Laptop under 600$CAN

I am looking for a laptop under 600$ for general daily use and light gaming. Mostly Civ V, Runescape and a few others. I'm fine with integrated graphics. So what would you guys recommend?

Honestly you could pick up an ASUS G50V for pretty cheap. Like 250 USD? I don't know the conversions.=
It's my daily laptop and it can play whatever I throw at it, even skyrim.
If you're worried about it only being able to have 4 GB ram it doesn't really hold it back any especially if you play games in linux, like me (the wierd little fuck that I am). Skyrim runs fine in wine and I have 0 issues whatsoever,

G50V specs:

Of my searching I found intel cpu laptops are cheaper at Walmart,most cost way above your price range of 600.00 My suggestion if you can wait to closer to Christmas computer thing tend to be a better price before then after Christmas newegg has this for sale but again out of your price range.