Laptop shuts down randomly

my laptop (hp 430) shuts down randomly with this weird screen -](

sometimes its like this sometimes only white color sometimes red sometimes static noise and restarts with a error system temperature 90D, sometimes it restarts normally no error also when i touch the bottom of laptop it does not feels even warm also the air coming from fan vent is not even warm it just thinks its overheating, this happens with Linux only windows works fine(it happened in windows also but rarely). also when i plug the charger it happens almost immediately without the charger it takes sometimes to happen 1-10 mins doing absolutly nothing.
i have tried installing power management tools like tlp, cpufreq, psensor to monitor temps. tried updating drivers, tried updating kernel, tried different distros, tried changing ram tried changing hdd got my laptop fully disassembled and clean, changed thermal paste, went to a repair shop for total diagnostics, nothing helped.

links to other sites that i posted this thread and got no help :

Check for bios updates, if there is nothing available there isnt much to be done, its an issue software isnt likely to fix. system temperature 90D is a bios error so its seeing the machine as overheating.

What temps do you see in something like coretemp in windows? or sensors in linux?

temps in both windows and linux are pretty much same, max i have seen both on windows and linux is 70-72 C. and no bios update is available i checked. and one more thing i noticed this few a week before when ever im able to boot up in linux i open a browser and play any video on youtube with power supply connected it keeps running fine as long the video is playing not sure if this has something to do with actual prob though just something i noticed

Well gonna throw this at you but have you considered just ramping the fans to max with NotebookFanCTRL on windows? or some other fan control software and seeing if its fixes the issue?

It sounds like a sensor might be going bad you should log psensor (linux) and see what happens right as the error is occuring. You might see some oddities

You state it happens only with linux consider adding this to the grub

acpi_rev_override=1 acpi_osi=Windows 2015

If that doesnt get fan control working a bit better on linux you can consider overriding the values and ramping the fans up yourself? If you want to try this root be mindful you are going to be editing areas of the linux system your not accustomed to editing… Ive done it safely on my ASUS even though I never had overheating issues

no i did not use any fan control tools on windows or linux. i dont think my laptop supports fan control. how do i know if i have that option. and can u plz tell how to log psensor and where do i add this line “acpi_rev_override=1 acpi_osi=Windows 2015” in the grub file?

press e on the grub menu

or in debian based distros modify


add it to the linux lines

here ill do it to mine on fedora (yours will differ)

GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR="$(sed 's, release .*$,,g' /etc/system-release)"
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="resume=/dev/mapper/luks-7a54c51c-3ade-4c90-a67a-c600fb194620 rd.luks.uuid=luks-8b1ca770-25a7-4d86-80d5-5ac57c36a84f rd.luks.uuid=luks-7a54c51c-3ade-4c90-a67a-c600fb194620 rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau acpi_rev_override=1 acpi_osi=Windows 2015"

scroll all the way to the right

no luck problem is still there. btw im on kde neon with kernel 5.0.0-19. i updated kernel manually. anything that i can show screenshots or something to that will help understand the prob plz let me know.

DE and kernel are unlikely to matter. Im really not sure on this one man… It sounds like a significant hardware issue…

I would say the best thing you can do is identify what happened in the windows even log just before it occurs?

well i got a new refurbished laptop for good price it has i3 5th gen. now im running arch linux just fine. :smiley:

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Did you read the part where he already repasted and actually has a different laptop now, or did you just read the title and post?


thanx, but i already sold that laptop and got new one :smiley: