Laptop screen on dekstop

hello, so i found this amazing laptop monitor thats 120hz
for my suitcase pc build, and im wondering how can i use this with desktop parts? ill have sli, and i want to use display port.

That connects to a whole different motherboard type that any desktop board, which would require some serious modding/new designs to make it work. Why not just go with a slim monitor and cut out the bezzel for it? That would make it much much easier that trying to work with something like that. What other hardware are you working with might I ask and what size "briefcase"?

I've opened up several different laptops and taken them apart for work and they don't all use the same connection method, and it would require specific parts / adapters that would probably be really hard to find if they even exist. They don't even make all the existing parts already in the laptop available to the public (I know I've had to look for them), and most of the time you have to buy broken laptops of the same model for replacement parts. So as already suggested, it will probably be easier with a desktop monitor.

i know thats why i need some sort of converter to displayport, or hdmi, or vga etc. there is no other monitor, all other possible monitors are bigger, have a 900p resolution, and arent 120hz plus this is actually cheaper than those sub 1080p 60hz glossy panels. the briefcase is like 18-20 inches by 14 to 16, depends on which one ill get.

I think he wants them for their already small size which is understandable. @TheCynicalAnarchist You can look for it but I dont think you will find that sort of adapter. That being said I have an idea that might not need such a thing. Give me a little to see if I am just dumb or if someone else had the same thoughts, brb.

Ok so I found out that I indeed was being a bit dumb but heres the rest of the idea. Since you want that monitor heres what you could do. Find a motherboard that has 2 pci slots such as the one that comes with the Lenovo w510 laptop. I specifically mention that one as it has 4 RAM slots, but somehting that supports a better processor would be better. One of the pci slots would be for your wireless cars while the other would be for this to allow for desktop power out of the motherboard from a laptop. Just an idea that I thought would help. Now I will keep looking into the other thing but I wont bother saying it just yet as I might just be acting dumb so lol hope this helps.

no you dont understand, i want to use this SPECIFIC monitor with desktop parts. its a full fledged desktop pc in a suitcase, and i want to use this specific monitor because of its size, its 120hz refresh rate, and its resolution with said suitcase pc.

basically this with a different suitcase, and or brief case with this monitor.

I was worried that you had already picked out such a rigid design. There is nothing wrong with that in the least, but it makes it much harder to work with as thats a VERY tiny tiny section of the internet to which I have never seen success in. Best of luck to you man.

All of those on the image search were specially designed by t=manufacturers. For a comsumer to do this on a small scale still needs the equipment for it and Im not the person to direct you there sadly.

do you know of anyone who can?

Afraid not. The people who would know how are probably engineers for companies such as alienware or nvidia. You are looking at a pretty ambitious build but not impossible, really wish I could help more. Maybe if you havent gone to college yet or want to go back if you have, you could pursue something in this field of engineering.

sounds like a question for wendell then.


anyway i can talk to him? pm?

just hope he reads your post pr u can try pm but he probably gets spammed all day eveery day

I'm not Wendell but I breathed some new life into old laptop screens. Laptop displays connect via LVDS (low voltage differential signaling). There are controller boards on ebay that translate HDMI,DVI or VGA (possibly display port but I have not researched that). You need your panel number (I searched any number on the back of my Laptop panel on ebay and found the controller board). Some ebay vendors tell you to contact them with the panel number and can then provide the correct controller for you. Ebay Key words are: "LVDS dvi" or "LVDS hdmi"

There might not be compatible controller boards for the panel (due to it being 120hz and rather new).

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Hello TheCynicalAnarchist!

Good question, and a cool project!

You would need an LCD controller board to hook up an LCD panel via DVI/VGA/DisplayPort.
The controller board has to be compatible with the panel that you are planning to use.
The panel that you have selected is not a good option for that - mostly because its 50 pin and also because 120Hz is not common. As you can imagine - you are one of the very few people to have a need for this, so your options are limited.

If you are willing to give up the 120Hz perk, you can actually have a 17.3" 1080p laptop LCD running off a desktop board. Here's a link to the guys who sell LCD controller boards:

Each board is aimed at a specific LCD panel - you can research each panel on to find the best one.

Hopefully you'll still buy it from us ;)


Looks like everyone else beat me to the punch. They are all correct, LCDs all operate on an LVDS signal and the controller boards are usually built around the LCD.

Do you already have a suitcase picked out? Can it handle a 23" LCD? You could purchase a 120hz 23" desktop monitor and dismantle it. All the bits are inside, you would just need to figure out a new power supply as the AC-DC supply may not be sufficient. Also, the Backlights may need some modifications. <--- Probably outside the scope of what you would want to do. But sounds like fun.

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i found an eDP 120hz panel that i may or may not be able to get from china, could i use that eDP to full dp controller board wendell used for that lian li pc with the retina display? also if i could i would pick a desktop monitor, but as it stands doing those modifications would be a pain in the ass, and its too big plus ita 80 bucks vs 300 plus for the desktop version. the case is either gonna be this
or this