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Laptop Ryzen 3750H dropping to 400MHz in linux and staying there

Hello, I followed your instructions and it did not work. What did i do wrong?

Try updating your Kernel to 5.6, where this patch is in the mainline kernel and doesn’t need to be manually patched. I’ve been using 5.6 on Manjaro and Arch and have no issues.

@Andrew1 As digital_zero said, use the newer kernels. I am currently running Ubuntu Focal on a blue’n’green Inspiron (I would’ve gone with AMD, but that’s a long story; the Bosnian supply chain is at fault, not AMD) and am on kernel 5.7.7 and have no issues with the latest version of NVIDIA’s drivers, nvidia-driver-440/focal-updates,focal-security,now 440.100-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 amd64 [installed].

You can pay for the Ubuntu Kernel Update Utility, or you can manually update the kernel from


Hey, @digital_zero I was wondering if everything with the kernel is still working well? I also wanted to ask if you have managed to get Nvidia Optimus to work. I’ve only ever been able to get it to work on Manjaro and also partially on Ubuntu. (I’m trying to install Fedora Workstation 32 on my laptop now)

I’m not digital_zero, but I might be able to help, since I have an NVIDIA laptop at the moment. What’s the issue?

The question is mainly about the Nvidia Optimus system in combination with having an AMD Zen CPU. (Kind of like what is described in this guide; ) I tried installing many different distros about 6 months ago almost when these laptops just got released and almost all Linux distros had no support for the Optimus drivers between the AMD GPU and Nvidia GPU.

I was just wondering if it is worth me trying to install fedora or any distro back onto my laptop as my last experience with Linux on my laptop wasn’t ideal. I was getting less than 2hrs of battery life in Linux while web browsing compared to the almost 7hrs I get in Windows due to Linux not wanting to put one of the GPUs to sleep at all. Maybe it is the same with the Intel and Nvidia GPU Optimus Drivers but I have a feeling they are quite a bit more mature than the AMD ones.

Is there any way to solve this issue in Ubuntu18.04 ?

It can be fixed for the most part. I was running ubuntu for quite a while, take a look at this There are many of these guides out there that will get you most of the way too working for Debian based distros.

This is a guide for Manjaro but a lot of the principles do also apply to ubuntu I can’t seem to find the Ubuntu guide at the moment that I followed when I first set up Ubuntu.

I personally am running Windows again until Linux becomes more mature for this combination or until I figure out a more solid way to make everything function as it should.

Edit, I found the Ubuntu guide;

Hm… So that this discussion does not veer too far off of the topic, I will send you a private message regarding NVIDIA Optimus.

I’ve only gotten optimus to work properly on manjaro personally. Kernel is working just fine though.

Hm… If you’re just talking about getting NVIDIA PRIME switching to work, then I have it working. Here, I’ll include you in the message mentioned above.

I just installed Pop OS as I saw that system 76 now sells devices with similar configurations and found that Optimus now does work fine. To be able to fix the 400mhz problem I updated the kernel to above 5.6. and I’m now mostly stable except for sometimes video playback seems to freak out and its becomes a slide show forcing me to reboot my system.

I have the same laptop and I tried to install Linux on it (Ubuntu 20.04, Pop 20.04 and Fedora 32 - Gnome and KDE), and I had the same problem with playing video from youtube. The video suddenly stops and start looping in the same place. Nothing I tired worked. I have no idea on how to solve it. Any ideas?

Could you run Firefox from a terminal and see what it prints to the terminal when the video start looping?