Laptop Replacement Screen

I have a HP Folio 9470m, it's a great laptop only one issue, it has a 1366x768 display. I'm wondering if there is a hack out there or another panel I could swap out to get a 1080p screen? I've done some looking but haven't had a ton of luck and I figured I'd ask you lot and see what happens. I'll still be looking and seeing if I can find anything. The laptop can run 1080p no issues for a workload, as I've hooked it up externally.

Apperciate the help!

There isn't a whole lot out there. I know there are a few laptops that will take another companies screen. Seen it done with a few dells and lenovo's. But there is a lot to consider, which is why it can be difficult. One is the LVDS connector and where it is located. Next is the screen thickness (for ultra books this can be critical). And then you have to worry about breaking the screen bezel. HP's plastic clips they use just beg to be broken, it can be done succesfully, but its time consuming. If you are patient enough it will work out.

So is it worth it? Not really in my opinion.

Well I mostly use this machine for work and I don't get to choose which laptop will be my workstation. Working with enterprise systems with 1366x768 is a major pain, so for me it would be worth it. I guess I'll have to dig deeper and see what I can find.

You may find something, I was just figuring this was your only laptop. But heck it's worth a shot, if its gonna make like easier.