Laptop plugged in but not charging

I'm working on a dell inspiron 1545 and i can't get the system to charge. I have tried a few different batteries and power supplies. The system will run off the batteries till they are depleted then shut down or run off the ac adapter but when the system is plugged in i get a message saying the system is plugged in but not charging. I tried contacting dell support but they informed me that with out the name of the original own (no its not stolen) i am unable to even receive off warranty support.  I also tried re-installing the drivers in windows hardware manager but this didn't fix the problem. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? 

thanks -HF

Sounds stupid but just try this

"1. Turn on the laptop

2. Unplug the power cord from the laptop and blow several times into the end of the recepacle that plugs into the laptop

3. Blow several times into the laptop where the power plugs into"

I tried cleaning them and i used a multi meter to test them and they checked out ok. I also tried the. take out the battery hold the power button for like 15 seconds and put it back in then turn it on and that didnt work either.

sounds like maybe an Integrated Circuit on the mobogot burnt. At least that's what happened to my last laptop that had the exact same problem. I recommend opening it up

if i do so what should i be looking for?

some circuit that looks burnt ( if it's apparent). if it isn't you could try to figure out where the dc input tries to make output to the battery and test if it's working correctly