Laptop not working

So my sister's laptop won't boot up; the motherboard logo apperars and then it turns black. If anyone knows what could be the problem please let me know :)

PS: I know there are other places on the forum that would be more appropriate for this post, but they are not as active and i figured there may be more experienced people on here.

If you are getting a response on the screen that's good, becuase it means there's no short present.

If you can get into the bios setup, try restoring it to factory defaults. Let me know how that goes.

It sounds like a bad hard drive to me. I you can get into the bios, check to see if it's recognizing that there is a hard drive present. You should be able to find one in the boot priority menu. If no hard disk shows up then your hard drive has (most likely) failed.

I tried it and when i exited again the screen went black. May the OS be the problem?

I got into the bios but i didn't get to check for the hard drive before i exited (I saw your comment after i exited the bios). The weird thing is that now it won't even show the motherboard(Emachines) logo. Is it possible that some parts are not in place correctly?

I hear a weird crakling kind of noise from the right of the laptop is that's relevant.

It could possible be the hard drive fuckin around. I mean hard drives and fans are the only real noise makers. Could use the oppertunity to throw a small SSD on since I'm guessing it's just a web surfer.

This probably just has to do with resetting it to factory.

I'm not quite sure though. When it has been closed for a very litte while and i try again the bios open, and after lke 2-3 seconds it turns black again.

yank the battery and hold the power button for ten seconds, if that doesn't change start diagnosing each component