Laptop Mouse

I'm not sure if this is the right section, if it isn't mods please move. Whats a good laptop mouse? It will not be used for gaming and a discrete USB plug in would be nice. It also should be wireless.

the razer salmosa. even though its still gaming, but its small, light weight, and cheap. So that seems like a good choice

Oops, I forgot to mention wireless.

I'd go for the Logitech MX revolution. It's ergonomic, has good funtions, rechargeable, etc.

This mouse looks adequate for the price. (unless you need a laser mouse) It also has a nice little USB plug in receiver for your laptop, as well as a bigger one for your desktop.

If you have a big budget, check out that MX Revolution that SnarlingChicken mentioned.

Logitech MX revolution defineatly. I have it. King of web browsing.