Laptop Motherboards

I have just recently got into repairing laptops and I picked up a broken Gateway EC1440u for free. The motherboard on it has failed and I was wondering do I have to get the same motherboard. I dont know if there is actually another one out there that I can put in it right now but the one that its supposed to have is incredibly weak (a Celeron 745 single core at 1.3 Ghz) and its video adapter cant even play a 720p movie off a hard drive (dont know that one for a fact just read some complaints online). 


Thank you for any help.

You need the exact same mobo. no flexability unless you mod it.

how would i mod it?

Could I unsoilder the processor and soder one that is for the same socket back in?


I meant mod the casing to fit a new mobo. The cpu is a socket (usually) so you don't need to unsolder and resolder just yank it.

There is no socket for it to fit in it is just connected to the motherboard.