Laptop Manufacturers Flipping Motherboards Now?

Some manufacturers are making it harder than necessary to get into the hardware of laptops, but i’ve never seen a flipped motherboard like on the review post beneath (they better not set a new standard with this) :laughing: Motherboard visible at 4:33 thanks to @Goalkeeper

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HP has some notebooks that are made a similar way. You take out two screws in the back, then take out the keyboard to gain access.

From what I gathered, the cooling and motherboard accembly can be removed as one piece making the notebook easier to take apart than others where it is nesecarry to remove the cooling components before removing the motherboard.

Motherboard & Cooling assembly of the MSI GS73


Still, that means taking out every plugged in cable and if not very careful, possibly breaking something.
The newer laptops and design get, the smaller the cables and whatnot inside of it, making it a bit of a headache in the long run if set as a standard

The connectors are as small as possible. No shrinking there any time soon.
Overall, servicing notebooks is a hassle and a half. That said, some of the recent Samsung models have covers over RAM, SSD and the like, so just one or two screws between you and the RAM upgrade.

They even market that…

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Motherboard seen at 4:33 in the video. Just thought I would put that out there.

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