Laptop lcds for a portable system (inspired by Logan's ipad screen arm thang)

Hey Tek, I am head across the pond to Houston for 3 months come January (I live in England) and I have decided to scale my system down into a portable build as I just can't deal with only a laptop for that long. These days small cases are in abundance however I anticipate that at times over there I will only have access to a lcd tv to hook it up and while this is alright for gaming it would kill me when typing or working on audio for long periods of time, also, I am so used to working with a triple monitor set up (crap monitors but who cares, its just for working audio) so I will really miss the work space.

Then I remembered Logan's little ipad screen arm thing. This got me thinking. Does anybody know what that is or how it was achieved?

I would love to hack a super slim screen together to take with me but its not something I have ever looked into before now. Although I don't mind potentially buying something I am big on re-purposing stuff (eco/cheap) and I have a whole load of dead laptops laying around with functioning screens so I started searching for that. I found a few people on instructables who bought vga lcd controller boards and this struck me as daft as you are then going digital>analogue>digital and thought there must be a better way and so I thought I would turn to you. I imagine a controller would be required but I can see no reason why you would have to go D-A-D. I also know that LVDS isn't really a standardized format beyond the connection (as in pin arrangement ect.) but honestly I don't know much about it beyond that.

So, what do you think? Anybody looked into/tried this before? I am definitely up for discussing alternative methods also, I have been toying with using my nexus 7 as a wireless screen.

[EDIT] So I guess I missed the video they made about the ipad as a monitor, so I am seriously considering that now, although I am still interested in the laptop screen reuse if it works out very cheap 

I've looked into this for an old laptop screen. As far as extra tech goes, the only thing you really need is an LCD controller board (and an inverter - but they come with the board) with the right firmware for your display model. There are plenty of Chinese sellers on ebay selling controller board for about £20-30 (mainly depending on the interface - usually with the digital HDMI/DVI ones being more expensive), so if you could find one of those that sell a board that is compatible with your display panel (usually you have to tell them the model number so they can flash the right firmware for you), then it should just be a case of connecting the board to your LDVS input of the panel and you should be fine.