Laptop HDD is acting up?

My laptop hard drive , is acting all weird suddenly.

Whenever I open a video it will get stuck and then have to buffer , these videos aren't even HD , they are like 480p and around 100mb's in size and are on my HDD. 
The HDD is a 500GB Hitachi 7mm laptop hdd.

If i put my old laptop HDD in my laptop everything works fine.

However something weird too , i could remove my current HDD and put it back in after using my old HDD and then it works fine for a couple of hours , before it will start freezing again , getting not responding on google chrome , and its just annoying.

Screen will freeze when its reading the video file off the HDD , becomes unusable.

Laptop specs are fairly new so its not them.

i5 3517u 2.6ghz 
4gb ram 
500gb hdd

Do you think I should buy a new HDD , currently scanning the HDD for errors. 
I just don't think the HDD should be acting in this way.
Additional Details
all videos are home movies on my HDD , no internet.

Sounds very much like it could be a defect somewhere on the drive. Scan it with some serious utility like for instance Seagate SeaTools for Windows (can scan all brands) to see whether it's okay or not.

Harddrive failures are one of the most common problems with laptops, since the drive mechanics are sensitive while the system is running and many laptops are moved around while on. If you will be replacing the drive, consider maybe an SSD even if it's smaller. It would make the system much faster and get rid of the mechanical liability at the same time. Just a tip.