Laptop hardware upgrade

Hey guys, I haven't been over to this side of the internet it quite a long time, but I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice on this situation.

I ordered this laptop - and I know for sure I'm upgrading RAM, but what about the HDD? Should I replace it with an SSD or just keep the HDD altogether and not worry about it? I'm mostly using this laptop to play games on when I go to a friends house or small LAN parties that my friends will throw. Thanks for any and all input,

SSD would make it generally faster but wouldnt help to much for games plus you sacrifice space unless your willing to spend around 400 for a 512GB SSD

Well seeing as how I wouldn't need much space, I might throw down for an SSD. We only really play games like, Starcraft (A cracked original verson) Rise of Nations, Counter-Strike 1.6, and League of Legends (Although there is no LAN feature in the game, that I know of) If I do decide on an SSD, do you think a 64gb will be enough to fit windows 7, those few games, and maybe something like Codeblocks?

64GB? No 120 minimum. its like 30-40 OS only.

Like tallgeese said dont go smaller then 120, id recomend 240 but most people can get away with 120