Laptop Hardrive Upgrade

Hello everybody!

I've just joined the site. (:

Anyway, I've been thinking about upgrading my mbp (15",2011,2.2ghz); and I'm not sure what to do with my drives, i'd love more space and more speed ofc, but im concerned about battery life. 

Here's the situation: 

I'd like to add a secondary 1tb hdd using an optibay, but im not sure if that will drain my battery like crazy or just bump it down 15 minutes or so. And also, how about an ssd? I know im not going to get the 1tb i want with an ssd but if a second hdd will kill my battery too fast maybe an ssd will be more practical. 

I've tried this up but i keep finding conflicting reports, so i thought i would ask here. 

Thank you. (: 

Hmmm whats the laptop model?

late 2011 15" macbook pro, the 2.2ghz with the 512mb hd 6750, normal screen, 4gb of 1333hz ram (wil be upgrading that to 16gb of 1333hz ram) (: 

Flash memory will have a very small footprint, as for the HDD the western digital green series is the HDD you should be looking into.

sadly, the green only comes in 15mm, i can only fit about 9.5mm.