Laptop halting

lenovo z570



freezes on installs of any OS, I installed 7 on another PC on a SSD removed ahci drivers, put it in laptop, freezes at the destop randomly within a minute, (ide mode) enabled ahci in regedit, no results whether ahci or ide, only stable in safe mode, ocasionally bsods/freezes/restarts, SSD confirmed to work, also even updated the bios becuase previous versions didn't allow non-oem installs, not that it actually helped in that aspect, this is for a lady my friend knows kinda need to fix it or its on me disabled wireless in both bios and device manager, no option to disable in bios for ethernet, nor are drivers installed and also disabled in device manager, no help

Well it sounds like the laptop is just busted. Not really sure what to tell you other than to get a new one. It's probably either the motherboard, processor, or ram, and you can't really replace the motherboard or processor.

well shit, there goes whats left of my paycheck at the fried chicken joint

I mean, that's my guess. I can't imagine that it would be anything software related though.

I've heard it might have something to do with touch pad, but I can't disable those, so tomorrow, I'm to take the thing apart and disconnect the touchpad ribbons

I can't imagine the touchpad crashing the PC unless it is using some severly poor circuitry. Have you tried both 32bit and 64bit variants of each OS? 

Also, what was the original OS on the system?

no idea, original, x64, also crashes on 32bit OSes