Laptop GPU temp too low

Hardware monitor is saying that my GPU temp. is 25°C  when in game and 5°C when idle. I know it is lying because yesterday it was over 60°C when in game. CPU temperatures are same as they were before.

Should i be worried and do you have any idea what might be causing it.

Well that sounds like a softwhere error try HWINFO64(or 32 if you are still running a 32bit os)

Its better than 'Hardware monitor' and gives you a lot more info on your parts (you can allso use it with msi afterburner to show cpu speeds temps,ect ect in your games)

it is showing same temperature, i think the sensor might be dead

Has your laptop got a gpu or is it useing a igpu (integrated video on the cpu)

it has dedicated gpu

what laptop do you has?

toshiba satellite L850-11D